Sample Power of Attorney for Khula Case in Pakistan

Sample Power of Attorney for Khula Case in Pakistan

Khula Process


KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I MS. _________________ Daughter of ____________________, CNIC #: _____________________ Resident of _____________________________, presently residing at ___________________________ do hereby appoint, Nominate and constitute Mr. __________________________, Son of _____________________, having CNIC # _________________, R/o _____________ to be my true and lawful attorney in my name and on my behalf to do and cause to be done the following acts, deeds things and matters and to execute and enjoy the following powers and rights in respect of my Khula/Divorce Case at the Family Court,_WRITE CITY NAME HERE:

  1. To supervise manage and look after all over interest in the above-said case.
  2. To appear before the Chairman Arbitration Council and to file such applications and make such statements as may be deemed necessary and expedient in the Court.
  3. To sign, verify, execute, present, attest and prosecute the above-mentioned case and to file plaints petitions applications revisions appeals statements, objections, and affidavits, as and when necessary for the proper at judication of the above-mentioned case.
  4. To make statements, and file affidavits and give evidence on my behalf in all matters, suit proceedings in Arbitration Council or in any Court or tribunal.

AND generally to act in relation to said case as fully and effectually in all respects as I myself could do and that whatever my said Attorney for the time being acting under or by virtue of these presents shall lawfully do or cause to be done, I, the above-named executant do hereby agree to ratify/allow and confirm the same.

IN witness whereof I, the above-named executant have set my hands to these presents at _______________ on this day of ______ of _______, 2023.




NAME: ______________________ Daughter of _______________________

CNIC #: ___________________